Sam Holland Editing

Sam Holland Editing


This page shows just some examples of Sam's technology-focused editorial for his main client, electronics engineering website

For examples of other, non-tech publications that Sam has worked on, check out the top links on our Testimonials page

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A product article on Bluetooth's latest update: Bluetooth 5.1

A look at Bluetooth 5.1, and how the efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy has helped lead to 5.1's improved Bluetooth advertising, tracking technology applications, and more

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An interview with senior applications engineer, Thomas Brand, from major manufacturer ADI

Read Sam's Q&A article, following his interview with ADI's (Analog Devices) senior field applications engineer about cyber security measures in major modern industrial systems

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A picture of virtual reality-focused haptic feedback wearable: the HaptX Glove

A product article on leading haptic VR technology: the HaptX Gloves

A product piece on HaptX Gloves: a breakthrough in haptic feedback in VR (virtual reality) that offer intricate tactile responses, not seen in traditional motor-based wearables 

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A flying drone with a sunset in the background

An opinion piece on the Gatwick drones, and what they mean for future airport security

A look at common public misconceptions about 2018's drone interference with Gatwick' Airports aerospace – and what can now be learned from all the chaos it caused

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The slogan of software company Arm: 'Architecting a secure foundation'

An interview with the VP of software giant Arm's IoT Cloud Services division

Sam's Q&A article, following his interview with internet of things (IoT) VP on how tech giant Arm has risen to the challenges of widely implementing smart utilities and advanced metering infrastructure at large

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An illustration of a human brain next to a digital-looking brain

An opinion piece that compares and contrasts the human brain with AI

A discussion of the extent to which researchers could ever create human-like AI, particularly with reference to the EU's Human Brain Project

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Two robotic arms: one holding a plastic bottle; the other one screwing on the latter's lid

A product piece on MIT's radio-frequency technology for robotic guidance

A focus on TurboTrack: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT)  radio-frequency identification tag system to enhance machine vision and localisation

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